9 Tips for Boosting eCommerce Conversions

eCommerce is one of the toughest industries to break into. But it can also be one of the most lucrative. Boosting sales can often seem like an enigma. With many factors to consider – from web design to store economics, increasing conversions sometimes feels like an impossible task.

We’re here with 9 tips for boosting eCommerce conversions – so your store can thrive.


High-conversion product descriptions

Think of your product page like a car showroom. You want the best car salesperson on the floor convincing your customers that this is the right car for them. Without something to make your customers click the “buy” button – you may as well just show them a list of your products.

With product descriptions that use high-impact action words and SEO-optimized content, you’ll get more people on the product page.

What’s more, each person will feel more inspired by your product – making them more likely to make a purchase. You want to increase.

It’s super easy to revolutionize your store’s product pages. With professional writing services like ours, you can have a completely new set of descriptions within days.


Targeted Ad Copy

Nobody knows your audience like you– sorry, like the algorithms do.

Targeted ads make sure the right people see the right words. By combining high-quality SEO content with the power of targeted ads, you’ll be striking the heart of what makes your customers tick.

Using platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can tailor the experience to YOUR specific audience. What’s more, with unprecedented amounts of data, you can see what works in real-time – perfect for e-commerce conversion rate optimization.

By employing professional ad copywriters, like Morex, you can let others take control of the language side of things. This lets you focus on what you’re good at – running your business. We’ll take care of the writing.


A/B Tests

With all the data that can be generated from your advertising efforts, you can see what’s working for your store. So why not try multiple things at once?
By running A/B tests, you run two kinds of ads at once, each differing in their copy and their audience. This lets you get crucial information on how to focus your capital and your time.

It’s super easy, with many platforms such as Facebook ads and WordPress giving you the freedom to run multiple platforms at once.


Creating scarcity

When your customers are on your website, you want them to feel like they’re accessing something that isn’t going to last.
Many website platforms allow you to run banners that pop up every few minutes, notifying the user that someone has just made a purchase. This makes it known that your products are flying off the proverbial shelf!

Creating this sense of urgency can be crucial to boosting sales. Studies have shown that when items are scarce, customers see them as being more valuable.

It’s time to let your customers know that things won’t last.


Shipping incentives

Customers don’t want extra steps when they’re paying for your products. When your customer sees their total go up after shipping costs, they’re sure to be disheartened.

By offering free shipping above a certain price, or even internalizing your shipping costs in the product from the start – you can avoid this – and make life even easier for your customer.

Think about incentives such as “spend more than $20, get free shipping!” or even “order within the next 10 minutes for free shipping” to combine this with a sense of urgency to increase sales.


Email addresses

Promoting flash sales through email channels can drive quick spikes in sales. Whether it’s the holidays or just an excuse to boost your conversions, contacting your customers directly about a sale that’s about to end can create a buzz around your store.

Given the unique nature of email – with you going to your customer, this can be hard to replicate with other methods.

Make sure you’re keeping a record of customer emails for precisely this occasion! Just remember to keep things scarce and don’t spam your customer.


These tips are a great jumping-off point to boost your conversions. Whether you haven’t considered these before, or are only just beginning to try a few, see what happens when you try all of them! You may be surprised.

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