Product Descriptions for Clothing

Make fashion items fly off the digital shelves with clever product descriptions. Morex is here to help you craft hundreds of fashion product descriptions that entice and sell.


What Makes an Effective Fashion Product Description?

The product descriptions in your online fashion store can be the difference between a potential buyer clicking the “add to cart” button and hitting the “X” button to leave your site.

With e-commerce, the product descriptions are your salespeople. These words should grab the attention of casual shoppers, entice them to buy, and address their doubts or questions. Product descriptions should also allow the shoppers to tap into how the items may make them feel. After all, buyers aren’t in a physical store where they can touch and try out clothes.

Great fashion product descriptions use a distinctive brand voice and tell a story. These words appeal to what makes the target audience tick, engaging the buyers’ inner desires. You can also tell a product description for clothing is great when it saves the boring stuff for bullets. Sure, it’s vital to tell the buyers about the fabric and material details. But these features should be written in a way that the customer sees clearly how these benefit them.

Say you sell workout leggings. Don’t just say your leggings have durable elastic waistbands. Instead, describe to your customers how these elastic waistbands don’t budge as they go on a long-distance run or attend an advanced kickboxing class. Then, list the specifics of these elastic waistbands and other crucial details of your leggings in a scannable bullet format.

If you’re still using templates for product descriptions for clothing, you’ve got a problem. Templates can be duplicate content that can affect your website’s SEO performance. Plus, they don’t make your website trustworthy and outstanding. If anything, they encourage buyers to click the “X” button and go back to Google to search for other e-commerce stores.

We get it—writing a clever, enticing description for each of your clothing products and accessories seems a lot of work. You’d rather spend your precious hours talking to your suppliers, meeting your team, or curating a new collection. This is where Morex comes in. Our writers are here to craft fashion product descriptions that help you sell.


What Are the Benefits of Great Fashion Product Descriptions?

Stunning product photos don’t sell on their own. Your e-commerce store also needs texts that are creatively written to convert casual shoppers into loyal customers. Our specialized e-commerce content writing services for fashion product descriptions will help:

  • Generate more traffic to your website
  • Boost your sales without hard selling
  • Increase your brand awareness


Generate more traffic to your website

In today’s digital age, the competition between e-commerce stores is tight. How can you ensure that every person who searches for a product like yours lands in your shop? Search engine optimization or SEO can help. Optimizing your website with keywords that your target audience will likely type on Google can make your online clothing shop visible.

You can start with product descriptions. Our writers can create engaging descriptions for your clothing products with your target audience’s possible queries and keywords in mind. It will help boost your store’s SEO performance, ranking your product pages high on Google. That, alone, can generate high-quality traffic or more visitors to your e-commerce website.


Boost your sales without hard selling

With clever and concise product descriptions, you can persuade a casual visitor to buy right there and then. No need for any hard selling. That’s the power of great wordplay, creative copywriting, and crafty storytelling—a jacket or bracelet suddenly turns into a must-have.

Reap the power of e-commerce writing by working with our product description writers. They know the fashion niche too well. Expect them to highlight your branding voice and put the spotlight on your products in a way that’s irresistible for your target buyers online.


Increase your brand awareness

Well-written product descriptions for clothing can persuade shoppers to purchase. Or, at the very least, these texts will help shoppers get more familiar with your brand and products.
That way, the next time they need or want new ski pants or tank tops, they will remember you. They will be the ones to seek you out and hit that “add to cart” button on your store.

Count on our writers to help you build better brand recognition. It can be hard to stay consistent with your branding when writing hundreds of product descriptions for your shop. But our experienced e-commerce writers are ready to take on that challenge on your behalf.


How Does Our Product Description Writing Service Work?

You might be too busy to learn how to write product descriptions for clothing. So just let us—the pros—do the work. Get clever fashion product descriptions in three easy steps:

Place your order in under two minutes

Place your content order here on our website. Just tell us your required word count and the URLs of your products, and our product description writers can get started right away.

Let our writers roll up their sleeves

Once you’ve placed your content order, our writers will start working. Give them ample time to work their magic. Expect your product descriptions to be delivered in three working days.

Publish your product descriptions

You’ll receive ready-to-publish product descriptions. Review them and publish them right away. Not satisfied with the content? Don’t fret, as revisions are free and unlimited.


Why Choose Our Fashion Product Writing Service?

We have helped thousands of online stores with our cleverly written product descriptions. Here’s why many e-commerce brands have trusted us—and why you should, too:

  • Experienced e-commerce writers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free revisions
  • Fast content delivery
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Quality guaranteed


Experienced e-commerce writers

With Morex, you have access to the skills and experience of talented e-commerce writers. We have over 60 writers on our team—all have expertise in writing for the different niches in the e-commerce industry. Check out their writing samples today.

Competitive pricing

We have a global reach, but we’ve kept our services affordable. Morex has one of the lowest prices for fashion product writing services in the market. Reap the power of clever e-commerce writing without going over your monthly advertising or marketing budget.

Free revisions

Each content order comes with free and unlimited revisions. Plus, if you’re not satisfied with all the revisions, you can get a full refund. That’s how confident we are in the skills and talents of our current pool of product description writers.

Fast content delivery

Depending on the size or length of your content order, you’ll receive your fashion product descriptions within two to three business days. We know the importance of deadlines. Our fast turnaround will help your team stick to your content calendar or marketing schedule.

Optimized for search engines

Our writers are trained and experienced in crafting content with technical SEO in mind. Count on our product descriptions for clothing items to boost your brand’s SEO efforts.

Quality guaranteed

Each product description is written by a talented e-commerce writer. Plus, we have a team of senior writers who proofread and double-check each piece before submitting it to the client.


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