How to Sell Content Marketing To Clients As An Agency

Are you planning on starting an agency or expanding one? Amongst many different marketing verticals, a great service to offer is content marketing. In this blog post, you’ll learn the basics of selling content marketing services to clients.

Attracting clients and making them fond of your services is an entirely different game of precision, analytics, and quality customer experience. Besides, convincing prospects to place trust in your marketing agency is a substantial task.

The first step to building a successful content marketing agency is to know what services you offer and learn how to sell them. With all the competition in the market, you have to be very strategic in dealing with your prospective clients.


Content marketing services to offer

The key to great content marketing is to produce the best and most useful content in your niche. Some types of content you can produce for clients include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Videos
  • Case Studies
  • User-Generated Content
  • Guides
  • eBooks
  • Gated Content
  • Infographics


Content marketing is the king of ROI—for your clients and your agency. There isn’t a better way to retain clients than by making profits. Content marketing helps your clients get higher ROI, thereby improving their bottom line.

Content marketing when done consistently adds lifetime value to your customers which improves client relationships and retention.

But how do you convince your clients of that? And, most importantly, how do you sell content marketing to your clients?

Well, why not start by telling them the benefits of it? Below is a list of benefits your clients would love to hear before deciding to work with your agency.

1) Google Ranking

The only way for Google to keep earning revenue is by helping people find what they are looking for. If you go ahead and research more about what best marketers have to say about ranking high on Google, you will find that everything boils down to content.


2) Grow Sales

Content helps in making your brand gain trust and credibility.

People tend to purchase products or services after doing some research. This is where the content comes in.


3) Generate More Leads

You need a channel that helps you get recurring leads and has a compounding effect over time. Content Marketing does that trick.

Inbound leads generated through content marketing have a conversion rate of 14.6%, while the ones generated through outbound campaigns have a close to 1.7% conversion rate.


4) Stop Spending On Ads

Adblockers are on the rise for good reasons and this makes it an opportunity for your brand to create content that is relatable and drives engagement.

Content Marketing has a compounding effect with ROI increasing over time provided you keep up the consistency.


Your customers are smart and they research a lot before making a decision to buy. So, if your product is more experience-driven or in B2B, content is the only way to gain trust and impact the purchasing decision.

Although there are challenges that might be encountered such as being doubted that you are not knowledgeable enough about their business or that it takes too much time to show results. You can always rebut.


Make use of these steps to convince your prospective clients even more:

Demonstrate Content Marketing Expertise

Ensure that the content strategy solutions you provide as an agency are customized to individual clients’ needs. Make sure to use your expertise by building a strong content portfolio including blogs, email content, social media updates, digital press releases, newsletters, etc. in order to be able to manage the content marketing piece well for the client.


Prioritize Reputation Management for Client Business

As a marketer representing the client, you should have the ability to bring forth better customer experience, efficiency, speed of service, creative marketing tactics for reputation management, strategic brand building, and targeted growth of the business.

Leverage your expertise in various marketing domains including targeting website traffic, SEO, etc. to deliver the desired results in terms of specific business requirements.


Offer the Knowledge of Integrated Marketing

Marketing today is a different ballgame altogether with a bouquet of functions. Since clients/businesses don’t have time and or expertise in the segment, you need to use your skills to bring the perfect mix of technology, design, and brand know-how to build a strong game plan for all the marketing functions including content building, market segmentation, advertising, SEO, and satisfactory customer experience.


Use Solid Data Analysis and Research Skills

As an agency representative, you should be able to offer strong research/analysis skills to gain a clear competitive advantage for the client’s business. You should be able to offer a detailed analysis of the current industry trends, competitors, and local markets along with the expertise of various tools and applications to effectively visualize data trends and patterns to help businesses identify the exact problems and design appropriate solutions.


Surviving in a fiercely competitive online marketing segment with aspirations of acquiring a solid client base and retaining it successfully is quite an uphill struggle for marketing agencies. The need is to approach the process of content selling strategically, both in terms of conceptualization and execution.

If approached in a systematic way, it can be instrumental in ensuring a constant flow of revenue and a robust customer base for both your agency and the client’s business.

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