Elements of a High Converting Product Page

First impressions are typically made within the first 7 seconds of seeing something. In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, first impressions have never been more important.

In a world of short attention spans, your product page design is essential. You need to make yourself memorable to boost conversion rate optimization.

Luckily, this isn’t exclusive to the best web designers: you can create something special using a few simple tips. We’re here to give you some crucial pointers to make your product page pop.


Why focus on your product page?

When you’re online, you don’t have the same tools as traditional sales. No salesperson. No face-to-face contact. No dialogue.

So what are you going to do? Make your product page a special experience. This may sound mundane, but studies have suggested that factors such as page layout have a real effect on your customer’s psychology. This is why stores spend millions every year to optimize their conversion rates.

From color to UX, there are plenty of ways you can improve your site to convert more traffic into sales.


What makes a good product page?


Great product descriptions

One thing’s for sure, your customer needs to know what they’re buying. Treat your product descriptions like a salesperson – they could be one of the most effective investments that your business makes.

With concise descriptions that paint your products in the best light, your customer will be more likely to make a purchase. They need to know a few things before they buy: how will this product make me feel? How will it improve my life? Why choose this product and not the next best thing?

This is your chance to get ahead of their questions and create some repeat business.

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Clear, concise copy

You don’t sell products by making your audience work hard. Harry Potter has an average sentence length of 12 words. So readers understand more. No wonder the series has been such a hit.

The same applies to your site. Convey as much as possible on a per-word basis. More stuff, less fluff.

Clear copy makes your customers feel comfortable on your page. If they understand the product, they’re more likely to buy. Simple as that.


Clear images

You need to look professional. You wouldn’t show up to a job interview without smartening up – so why let your site look scruffy. Your product pages should include clear, high-definition images that show your products at their best.

Use compression so your load times don’t suffer – but don’t settle for sub-par image quality. Nothing erodes trust like a poorly built site. Images can be one of the best investments you make, as they can revolutionize your page.



Your customers will be asking themselves “why should I buy from here”. With discounts, you can give them an answer.

By offering – or appearing to offer – unmissable deals, you can capture the audience that would have otherwise left. Include bold discounts on your product page, both visually and psychologically.

Even better, create a sense of urgency. With countdowns and pop-ups that show other customers’ purchases, you can show that your products are flying off the “shelves”.


Clear call to action

Again, don’t make your customers work. If they decide they want to buy your product, they need to know how to do that. Make sure your call to action (CTA) is visible direct.

With bright colors and action words – you can make checkout as easy as possible.

Words that create urgency such as “BUY”, “START” and “NOW” are great starters.


Focus on the customer (UX)

When designing your page for conversion rate optimization, consider how your customer will behave. Put yourself in their shoes and walk through the checkout process. Get your friends and family to go on your site, and see how they react – do they want to buy?

By considering user experience rather than simply user interface, you can give yourself a guide for what to focus on.

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