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Go global with a multi-lingual e-commerce store. Turn to Morex for human-only e-commerce translations that focus on conveying the correct message every time.


What Is E-commerce Translation?

E-commerce translation is the process of translating product descriptions and other website content into multiple languages to make your store accessible for international shoppers.

Language shouldn’t be a barrier. If anything, it should act as a doorway that leads you to more opportunities online. Buyers who get to interact with your website in their native languages are more likely to purchase your products and spread the word about your shop.

Translating hundreds or thousands of product pages, however, seem a lot of work. Some e-commerce website owners turn to Google Translate and other automated translations to speed up the process. While these automated translation services mean well, they often deliver translations at a basic level or in a too formal tone that may not suit your branding voice. These automated translations are also likely to miss the local context and nuances of a language. Global shoppers then get confused or even offended, leaving your store quickly.

At Morex, we provide human-only e-commerce translation services. Our experienced linguists have subject matter expertise and linguistic skills to deliver translated content that can take your business to new heights. You won’t miss out on international buyers again.

Plus, we specialize in e-commerce content translations. That means our linguists will make sure persuasion, engagement, and even jokes in your copies will never be lost in translation. Trust your branding voice in English or French to be translated well to Hindi or German, too.


What Are the Benefits of Translating E-commerce Content?

Go beyond borders and tap international markets with our content translation services. We specialize in e-commerce, delivering translated content that sells. We do it by helping you:

  • Increase global market reach
  • Connect better with customers
  • Boost your SEO efforts


Increase global market reach

In today’s digital age, your shop can quickly reach a buyer from another part of the world. After all, the internet blurs all the physical boundaries between geographic locations. You can further widen your market reach with professional e-commerce translation services.

Target specific countries by translating content into foreign languages. Say you run a shop based in India, and you want to penetrate the European markets. Keeping your e-commerce site in English won’t be enough. You need to translate website content into French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch. That can improve the buyer experience and boost your marketing efforts.


Connect better with customers

Imagine walking to a physical shop in a foreign country. You want to buy a clothing piece in a particular size and color, but you can’t seem to understand what the salesperson is saying. With things lost in translation, you end up leaving the store, and the shop misses a sale.

Don’t let that happen with your e-commerce store. Connect better with customers by allowing them to interact with your website in their native language. A clever ad copy in English or engaging product description in Dutch should translate well into your international customers’ native languages. That way, they’ll enjoy the buying experience. When buyers are satisfied, they’re likely to purchase again and share the positive experience with others.


Boost your SEO efforts

Search engine optimization or SEO helps increase your website’s visibility online. Optimize your website content with keywords your target customers will likely use when searching for a product similar to yours, and your product pages or blogs will show up on Google or Bing.

It’s hard to boost your SEO efforts for a foreign country if your website doesn’t speak the language. Say you’re a French brand trying to tap the Italian market. Shoppers searching on Google for a product like yours using Italian keywords won’t likely see your website if it’s only available in English and French. Get your website translated to ensure you don’t miss out.


How Do Our E-Commerce Translation Services Work?

Whether you need translated product descriptions, blogs, or email campaigns, you can count on our expert linguists. Our language translation services are fast and easy to hire. You can get high-quality translated content for your e-commerce store in three easy steps:


Order translated content online

Place your content order on our website. All you need to do is tell us the original language, target language for translation, and the URL of the content that needs translations. You can finish within two minutes. No need to wait for a price quote or talk to a pushy salesperson.


Let our linguists do the work

After placing your order, our translators will immediately work on it. Expect to receive your translated content in three business days, depending on the size and details of your order. The translated ad copies or blog posts are ready for publishing for your convenience.


Publish the translations

Go and publish the translated content on your e-commerce site, social media pages, or Google Ads. Not satisfied with our work? Feel free to ask for revisions. Our translations will revise the content until it meets your requirements or you get a full refund.


Why Choose Morex?

Our linguists are vetted for their skills and experience in translating e-commerce content. Every piece they’ve translated has helped a company elevates its business online. Here are some of the reasons our clients have trusted us—and why you should, too:

  • Localized, human-only translations
  • Specialized fields
  • Affordable website translation services
  • Free revisions, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Fast turnaround
  • Guaranteed quality


Localized, human-only translations

Our translators have the skills and experience to deliver expert localized translations. You no longer need to worry about translations that miss crucial local or cultural contexts and nuances. That’s something that automated translation apps or services cannot guarantee.


Specialized fields

We take pride in the fact that our linguists are specialized in their fields. Count on them to understand your niche in the e-commerce industry and highlight your branding voice using a foreign language. Our linguists can translate engaging, persuasive e-commerce content from/to English, Hindi, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Italian.


Affordable website translation services

Sure, there’s Google Translate and other free automated translation services online. Then again, these services can’t guarantee correct and nuanced translations. Prevent any “lost in translation” moment without spending a lot by choosing our human-only translation services.


Free revisions, 100% money-back guarantee

For each order, we provide unlimited revisions at no cost. Plus, we stand behind the skills and experience of our translators. That’s why we offer a full refund if the translated content doesn’t meet your requirements even after multiple revisions.


Fast turnaround

Our linguists understand you follow a specific content calendar or publishing schedule. Count on them to deliver the translated content within an average of three business days. Of course, that also depends on the size of the content that needs to be translated per order.


Guaranteed quality

At Morex, we’ve only hired experienced human translators. We never use automated translation apps or services to ensure the best quality in localized translations. Trust our linguists to deliver translations that don’t confuse or offend native language speakers.


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