eCommerce Content Marketing – How to Get Started

Online retail is a tricky business. With potentially thousands of competitors and short attention spans, putting yourself in front of customers has never been more critical.

eCommerce content marketing is one of the most powerful tools available to you. With one of the highest ROIs of any marketing strategy, content marketing has multiple long-term benefits. They build trust, drive results, and aid in creating your brand.

Getting it right can seem daunting. But we’re here to break eCommerce content marketing down into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Whether you’re an established online retailer looking to expand your efforts or new to the online space – we want to make eCommerce content marketing as easy as possible.

In 6 easy steps – here’s how to get started with eCommerce content marketing.


1 – Setting up your blog.

From helpful product guides to industry-specific information, blogs are the ultimate place to build an audience and gain trust with your customers. They drive organic traffic and bolster your business’ reputation as a trusted source.

They’re also the backbone of content marketing.

Setting up a blog has never been so easy with endless options, including website builders and content management (CMS) systems. More and eCommerce engines, such as Shopify, offer blogging tools built-in. Blogs integrate seamlessly into your existing website.

We recommend that you list your blog on the main navigation menu of your site to allow for easy navigation. Furthermore, when setting up your blog, make sure it’s at “/blog” in your website’s URL path. (e.g. “”). This helps with SEO, which we’ll talk about later.


2 – Collecting Email Addresses

Driving organic traffic is one of the hardest parts of eCommerce content marketing. Luckily, you don’t have to! Emails are vital to building a recurring audience, as they can place your content directly in your customer’s inboxes.

Blogs that appear in email inboxes have a higher ROI and will drive better long-term results.

But first, you have to get those precious email addresses. Of course, you can have the traditional sign-up box at the bottom of your website. That’s step one, but it’s essential to think about more effectively collecting the information you need.

Think about when – and who – your customer is most likely to be giving away their information. One popular method is at the checkout page. You may already have their email to handle their order – simply ask for their permission to send blog posts.

The customer must realize there is something in it for them. From promotions to personal offers, offering an incentive can be vital to harvesting more emails.

Remember, these are people and not just email addresses – it’s crucial not to spam your customers to give you their information.


3 – Publish content regularly.

So many blogs fail because they don’t get enough attention. Think of your blog as a garden. If you don’t water it, it’ll die – and nobody will want to spend time there.

We’d recommend posting between 1 and 4 times per week. This ensures customers are aware that you’re actively thinking about your brand and industry. Any more than this, and it can begin to feel like spam. Remember – well-written articles perform better than low-quality posts that will lower your reputation.

While this sounds like a big commitment – it’s worth it, as eCommerce content marketing can be the key to your success.

You don’t have to be a writer to improve your content marketing results. With our content writing services, we take care of the hard part so you can reap the rewards. Our blog posts have been the key to thousands of businesses’ success with well-researched, professional-grade copy.


4 – Start an email newsletter.

We’ve talked about how important it is to put yourself in front of your customers. But what if they didn’t even have to leave their inbox? Email newsletters are an incredibly potent tool, great for building trust and increasing your brand awareness.

Email newsletters can be crafted in advance and sent out automatically. This can be a huge timesaver – and incredibly powerful at times of peak demand, such as Christmas. When everyone is fighting for customers, why not go to them?

Emails are an excellent opportunity to tell your customers about deals and discounts. With exclusive checkout codes, emails can drive conversion and get people excited about your products.

Newsletters have a median ROI of 122%! If you aren’t already using them, you’re missing out.

What’s more, we offer newsletter writing services – helping you draft the perfect sales email or newsletter without the time commitment.


5 – Know your SEO

Search engine optimization is THE phrase for content marketers. Getting your content ranked in search engines is the key to driving organic traffic. You know what they say, the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google!

By researching keywords and linking to appropriate sites, your content can boost your online rankings. We don’t have to explain how this can increase sales significantly.

Our writers are fully versed in creating SEO-focused content that reads well and keeps Google happy – because there’s no point in creating content if nobody is going to see it.

If you’re starting your eCommerce content marketing Journey – you must look into improving your SEO.


6 – Publish to Social Media

Email isn’t the only place to drive traffic. Social media is a potent tool that you need to utilize to optimize your ROI. From Facebook to Instagram and Twitter, appearing in your customer’s feeds is essential to boosting your sales.

You can post snippets of your content and then encourage your customers to go to your website to find out more. The key is to get the customers landing on your page.

We offer Facebook Ad Copywriting services, which have boosted the conversions of businesses worldwide.


Now you know your stuff, it’s time to get started with your content marketing.

We’re here to optimize your results and guide you on your content marketing journey. Specializing in eCommerce businesses – come and see what we can offer you.

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