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Boost your store’s online presence without breaking the bank. Turn to Morex for affordable SEO writing services that will help you rank well on Google.


What is SEO Content Writing?

Search engine optimization or SEO covers different strategies to improve brand visibility on search engines like Google. These strategies include SEO content writing. When done right, SEO writing can make your product pages or blogs appear on Google’s search results. Your online business can then attract more people who are ready or likely to buy from you.

Say you own a furniture store online. Your potential buyers will likely type phrases such as “best couches for apartments” or “ergonomic home office chairs” on Google. When your website has pages or blogs that talk about those keywords or topics, your brand will likely appear on Google’s search results. That helps you catch more potential customers online.

SEO content writing, however, isn’t keyword stuffing. It is all about user experience. Google has tons of requirements to ensure it only provides valuable search results to its users. But one thing’s for sure—your website should answer user queries and do it engagingly. After all, nobody enjoys reading content with a bunch of keywords that don’t make sense.

Moreover, SEO isn’t a “set-it-and-forget-it” strategy. Google algorithms and buyer behaviors change over time. SEO content writing can provide long-term organic search rankings, but it has to be done constantly and strategically. It involves researching and analyzing keywords people use to find a business like yours—and how to offer them valuable experience online.

Since you need regular SEO content for your brand’s digital marketing, you might think it’s expensive to get. The opposite is true. Affordable SEO writing services are available. At Morex, we provide professional SEO writing services that are easy on the pocket.


What Are the Benefits of SEO Writing for Online Stores?

We have a team of talented writers passionate about crafting SEO content that engages potential customers and drives them to your website. With SEO content writing services, we can help unlock the potentials of your brand to:

  • Get to the top rankings
  • Establish online credibility
  • Skyrocket sales without breaking the bank


Get to the top rankings

When was the last time you clicked the second or third page of Google’s search results? If you can’t remember, you are not alone. Seventy-five percent of users always stick to the first page. That’s because they get valuable answers or content from those listed high on Page 1.

Our writers are vetted for their exceptional skills and years of experience in SEO writing. They know how to strike a perfect balance between creativity and technical SEO. With their help, your web pages can get to the top rankings—to the most-coveted first page of Google.


Establish online credibility

SEO has leveled the playing field between household brands and small businesses. Do you run a small tech company? Hit all the marks with SEO writing, and your brand can show up next to Apple or Samsung on search results. SEO rankings help build your online credibility.

Count on our SEO writers to nourish your authority by making your brand story stand out in an array of options online. They write to win the hearts of your target customers. That’s also how they catch the eye of search engines like Google and beat all the competitions online.


Skyrocket sales without breaking the bank

Compared to Google Ads and other in-your-face marketing efforts, SEO is more affordable. It may take some time to establish your Google rankings. But with regular SEO-friendly posts, you’ll get to the first page of Google eventually. SEO will undoubtedly boost your ROI.

Over 95% of Morex customers reported a positive ROI from our affordable SEO writing services. Let us do the same for you. Skyrocket your sales without having to spend thousands of dollars week after week—it’s possible through the help of Morex.


Is There a Difference Between Cheap and Affordable SEO Writing?

When you search for the best and cheapest SEO writing services, you’ll get tons of results. You might feel overwhelmed choosing the right provider. Still, dig deeper. You will discover a distinct difference between these agencies. Some promote cheap SEO content services, while a few agencies stick to providing valuable SEO writing at a reasonable price.

One key factor to look at is keyword stuffing. There’s a striking difference between keyword-stuffed and keyword-rich content. The former focuses on inserting specific keywords repeatedly, even if these phrases no longer make sense in a paragraph. On the other hand, keyword-rich content answers the queries of your target audience. It does that while engaging your potential customers and giving them a great user experience online.

In addition, affordable SEO writing services don’t skimp on the critical components of a successful SEO strategy. Our writers are up-to-date on what works these days. From creating meta descriptions to making a dull topic engaging and digestible, they follow best SEO practices. That’s while using your unique brand voice to establish your online authority.

Low-cost doesn’t have to be low-quality. Turn to our team for high SEO writing standards.


How Do Our Affordable SEO Writing Services Work?

Your hands are full, and we understand that. At Morex, we’ve simplified content creation. Get inexpensive and top-quality SEO content in three easy steps:


Place your order online

In just a few clicks, you can place your content order here on our website. You no longer need to speak to a pushy salesperson or wait for days to get a quote. Fast and easy.


Receive your SEO content in a few days

Give our writers a few days to work on your SEO piece. On average, our writers can deliver content in two to three business days. But that depends on the size of your content order.


Publish the content

You’ll receive ready-to-publish SEO content. If you’re happy with the piece, go and publish it. Otherwise, our writers will revise the content until you’re satisfied or you get a full refund.


Why Choose Morex for Your SEO Writing Needs?

We’re proud to have helped over 2000 businesses become more visible online. Here are the reasons they have trusted us—and why you should, too:

  • Experienced SEO writers
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Quality guaranteed


Experienced SEO writers

Our SEO writers are vetted for their vast experience in digital marketing. We ensure they deliver top-quality content every time. See their sample works to get a better idea about how they can help you rank well on Google and generate more traffic to your website.


Affordable prices

Though we’re known for our high SEO writing standards, we’ve kept our prices low throughout the years. That way, you can keep your SEO campaigns within budget. We’ll help make your SEO campaigns successful without you spending a crazy amount of money.


Quick turnaround

SEO marketing requires you to post fresh blogs or content regularly. That’s why we ensure a quick turnaround for every content order. With our services, you can easily stick to your content calendar and keep on engaging your target audience online.


Money-back guarantee

We maintain high writing standards among our pool of skilled SEO writers. Still, if you think the piece you’ve ordered didn’t meet your requirements, our writers are ready to revise. Revisions are at no cost. Plus, we offer a full refund if you’re still unhappy with the revisions.


Quality guaranteed

Each piece is crafted by a professional SEO writer who knows to do keyword research and engagingly explores topics. We also have a team of senior writers who double-check the quality of each content before delivery.


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