8 Tips for Writing Awesome Amazon Product Descriptions

Amazon is the most competitive marketplace in the world. But it’s also one of the most lucrative. If you’re selling products online, Amazon is the place to be.

Studies have shown that most product searches start on the site, so it’s essential that your products get noticed on Amazon.

One of the best ways to do this is to write quality Amazon product descriptions. We all know that product descriptions are incredibly effective in boosting conversion rates, but writing for Amazon can pose some unique challenges.

We’re here to guide you through the process. Here are 8 tips for writing awesome Amazon product descriptions.


Know your audience

All kinds of people shop on Amazon, so it’s crucial that you know who you’re selling to. Customer research is essential for any product description, and Amazon is no different.

Ask yourself, “who is my typical customer?” and “why would they need my product?”. These questions are great for getting started with customer research.

You could even reach out to existing customers, which can also boost your reputation as a seller.
The bottom line is: if you don’t know who you’re writing for, it’s difficult to know what to write.


Get your keywords in

The Amazon algorithm can be a tricky thing to navigate. It works on a number of factors, with keywords being one of the most prominent.

The first step is keyword research. There are plenty of online tools for this, which can display data relating to different keywords. Find two or three keywords that are both popular and relevant to your product, and litter them throughout your description.

You still want your product description to sound natural, but make sure you include relevant keywords throughout to boost your rankings.


Keep it simple

You won’t sell any products if your customer can’t understand them. The key to amazon’s product description is simplicity. This means short sentences and low-level words.

If your customer has a hard time reading, they’re less likely to feel engaged with the product. The less engaged they are, the less they like the product – it’s that simple.

Stick to short paragraphs – nobody wants to be faced with a wall of text when they’re trying to shop online.


Optimize with images

The algorithm also checks relevant images. By including quality photos in your description, they’re more likely to get noticed.

What’s more, they also boost engagement. Words are powerful, but images can make them even more so. With quality images, you have more to write about – so your descriptions will become higher quality.

If you’re not using images, you’re leaving customers on the table.


Stand out – make it professional

There are a lot of disreputable sellers on Amazon. Consumers know this – and they’re often wary of unknown products on the platform. Therefore, it’s essential that your descriptions are professional.

Brush up on your spelling. Correct all the grammar. Nothing kills trust quicker than poor presentation skills. When you’re not selling on your own website, your Amazon product description is essential.


Understand the algorithm

We’ve talked a lot about the algorithm here. But do you actually understand it? If you take the time to read up on Amazon’s algorithm, you can create more effective product descriptions for future products.

Keep up to date, and make sure you know what Amazon is looking for.


Make sure it’s easy to read

We’ve already told you that simplicity is key. But you need to think about how your description looks.

Take advantage of the formatting tools available to you. Are you using bullet points where necessary? Have you used bold text in the right places?

If you can explain your product to a 10-year-old – you’re there.


Use HTML effectively

Talking of formatting, HTML is your friend. Brush up on which HTML tags Amazon accepts and use them accordingly.

There are many tags available to you, and you can learn more about them here.

On top of HTML, CSS tags are available to use. These are super useful in boosting your presentation. Remember customers like what looks the best.

Remember though, HTML tags do build up your word count, so it’s essential to remove any unnecessary spaces between tags.


Amazon product descriptions can be tough to navigate – but they don’t have to be an enigma. With these simple tricks, you can ensure your products are seen by the most people – and that your sales are boosted.

If you’re ready to take your Amazon product descriptions to the next level – make sure to check out our professional product description services. Our team of expert writers has a wealth of experience writing for Amazon and we’ll show your products in their best light.

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