7 Super Effective Social Media Tips for Ecommerce

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in the past 10 years, it’s that social media is here to stay. This is great news for online stores as it means there are many people in one place, converging around their interests – perfect for targeted advertising.

We’re here to show you 7 super effective social media tips for eCommerce businesses, so you’re making the most out of your time online.


Use every feature

Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook have many features specific to businesses. However, many online stores don’t use these features to their fullest extent. If you want to take social media seriously, you need to be using a business account.

On Instagram, for example, a business account lets you use features such as a Call to Action button and even a new sales channel.

Whatever your platform, if you want to take social media eCommerce seriously, it’s important to start by researching which features you can leverage.


Don’t just be a poster!

Sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter aren’t just for posting. They’re for interacting. By commenting and liking other posts, you can show that you’re active in your community.

By using social media to form connections, rather than just views, you can build trust around your brand. This is super important for the crowded world of eCommerce, as it lets you stand out.


Use unique social media discounts

Give your customers a reason to come to your page. With special discounts in your bio or in captions – you can incentivize customers to hit that follow button and see more of your content.

With discount codes and limited-time offers, you create a sense of scarcity while using all of the available space on your account – a great combination of SEO and eCommerce.


Engage, don’t promote.

The statistics show that people like engaging content. In today’s environment, it’s not enough to simply be seen – people need to be thinking about your content.

For eCommerce social media, this means posting content that isn’t just highlighting your products. You want to produce content that’s centered around your niche – but isn’t just a product listing.

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of holidays and special events. For example, if you’re a sports store, what’s the latest sports news you can post about? It’s time to get creative.


Invest in ads

Social media is a unique phenomenon: never before have so many people gathered around their interests. What’s more, it creates an opportunity for the data collection on a massive scale. For online stores, this should make you think of one thing: advertising.

If you haven’t already invested in social media ads – you need to get started right away. This is one of the most lucrative platforms for eCommerce, as over $2 billion was spent on social media ads last year.

If everyone else is doing it, surely it must work?! Well, studies show that social media has an average return of 95% – that’s $1.95 for every $1 invested!

You can get creative with your ads – with platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels presenting new advertising opportunities.


Get creative

This brings us to the next social media tip – which is creativity.

Often, people are bored of seeing photo after photo. With platforms constantly innovating for new types of content – it’s time to get creative.

Invest in videos as well as photos. Run marketing campaigns that get your customers involved. There are infinite ways to harness the power of social media. The best part? These days, there’s no need to buy expensive equipment, all you need is a phone. This is perfect for even the smallest of eCommerce stores.


Post on a schedule

Nothing breaks trust as quickly as inactive social media accounts. You need to post regularly and engage often with your audience. People need proof that your online store is innovating and that you care for your customers.

By posting on a schedule, you’re letting algorithms know that your content is worth seeing. So you’ll get more views and hopefully drive more traffic.

If you only use one of our social media tips from this post, it should be this: post regular, high-quality content.


With these 7 tips, your online store can take social media by storm. With potential customers all over the world, this strategy is perfect for eCommerce and its global nature. Whether you’re just starting out, or want to revolutionize your existing accounts – this guide is a great first step to gaining more followers and driving conversions.

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