5 Awesome Fashion Product Descriptions to Supercharge Your Clothing Store

The fashion and clothing industry represents almost 20% of total online sales – more during the COVID pandemic.

We don’t need to tell you that eCommerce sales are enormous. Growing year on year, online retail is becoming an increasingly important part of the economy. This presents vast opportunities for clothing eCommerce businesses.

But here’s a simple truth: if you can’t sell your clothing, you can’t get ahead. The key to great sales? Great product descriptions.

Product descriptions are your most significant opportunity to engage with your customer. Think of them as the good old-fashioned sales pitch.

We’re here to show you how to supercharge your product descriptions, with five examples of fashion product descriptions.


What makes a compelling product description?

First, let’s dig a little deeper into what makes a great product description.

A great starting point is thinking in terms of your customer. Instead of listing the benefits of your product, let them know how it will help them specifically.

This is essential for clothing stores. Instead of only talking about your lovely, soft fabric – also tell them how warm they’ll be on a crisp winter’s morning.

You want to create an image in their mind so that they can see themselves in their product.

You want to be one step ahead of your customer. Think about what problem your clothes might solve. If you sell clothing for kids, maybe you want to appeal to parents about how your clothes make getting dressed in the morning that much easier.

See if you can spot some of these techniques in the following fashion product descriptions…


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Now for the main event – 6 examples of quality descriptions


Men’s Shirts

Designed for the jet-setter in mind, our shirt is the ideal blend of comfort and style. Built for the man who’s in demand, this classic design will keep you looking presentable on the go, with a gentle fabric for all-day comfort. Because you won’t perform at your best if you’re irritated by your clothing. Our shirt is a sleek take on a well-loved classic featuring a tried-and-tested spread collar and a slim fit styling.

Notice how this description begins to flesh out who the shirt is for while still anchoring to the product itself. This allows customers to imagine themselves improved by your clothing.



Getting a full 8-hours can feel near-impossible. From comfort to warmth, what you wear in bed is essential for improving your quality of sleep. With a silky fabric and elegant, airy fit, our sleepwear gives you space to breathe. Our superior comfort puts you on the right track for incredible sleep. Emphasizing your shape in all the right places, with our sleepwear, you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort – to us, it’s the same thing.

This description is all about anticipating problems. People get frustrated when they can’t sleep – we’re letting fashion become part of the solution. Because you sell more than just clothing.

Evening dress

Evening events are prime time for fashion. You look your best when you feel your best, and our dress can inspire confidence in anyone. We’ll put you at the center of the action without upstaging anyone. Classy and understated, our dress ensures you feel at your best – ready to show off and turn some heads. Made from premium silk, the delicate and flowing construction gives you space to move freely without compromising on elegance.

Our evening dress description speaks to how clothing can make you feel. This is a powerful theme among our examples of fashion product descriptions.


Men’s Suits

The suit has framed all the pivotal moments in history. There’s no denying, it’s a powerful piece of clothing – enough to make anyone feel ready to change the world.
We built our suit for the game-changers. Designed for the man ready to take on the world, the slim fit and accentuated shoulders give you the presence you deserve.
Made from the highest-quality fabric, we believe that how you dress has a significant effect on how you’re perceived – we made this suit for the highest quality impact.

This is another description that focuses on how the clothing will make you feel. Anyone can see what the clothing is, but only you can describe how it will change your life.


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Shoes are the ultimate addition to your look. Without stealing the show, this pair can give you the presence you need. With a mid-rise platform heel and commanding pointed toe, this shoe allows you to stand upright, projecting confidence.
Everyone knows posture is essential to your image – and this heel gives you the proper support to be seen.
The stark contrast of a sleek, black toe and white upper allows this shoe to be worn with almost anything from the office and beyond.

This description spends little time talking about what the shoe is but how it can be worn. Again, it shows you how it’ll change how you stand and how that will affect your life.


How can I create great product descriptions?

Hopefully, these examples of fashion product descriptions shine some light on what makes a description go from good to great.

But it should also serve as a warning – creating quality product descriptions takes time. While describing each product is doable, we offer professional product description services for a fraction of the market price.

Whether you have hundreds of clothing items or a few handmade garments – we have the expertise to get them sold.

Our writers have helped hundreds of clothing businesses drive leads and create conversions – all through the power of language.

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